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Heidi is true to her name

from Scottsharr

Beth and I have been trying to connect for weeks. Well tonight she was finally going to stop by. Saturday nights are usually TV nights in my apartment so I figured that we could watch some shows and maybe even a movie. She was going to come over by 8pm so I had to get some stuff done first. Once my laundry was done, all I had left to do was the ironing. Almost like clockwork, I was putting away my freshly ironed shirts when I heard the doorbell ring.

Beth and I have several things in common, one being our love of cats. My two, Heidi (my four-year-old female) and Angus (a year old troublemaker) were laying around being cats. I knew Beth would have fun with my critters. Heidi is not a very social cat but she does like Beth.

Well Beth came up and we proceeded to watch the tube. Like many animals, my cats are very weary of people invading their turf. After a while Angus would stroll by acting like he was going somewhere even though his main agenda was checking Beth out. I was sure Heidi would make an appearance but that was not to be.

Beth stayed till almost midnight and Heidi had never shown her face. I was a little puzzled; I stayed up a couple more hours and still no Heidi. Something out of the ordinary happened that night. My little blanket warmer (Heidi) was not on the bed. Wow, now that is strange. No matter what, Heidi always lays beside me when I sleep.

The next morning I got up and feed the cats or should I say, cat. Heidi was nowhere to be found. I asked my roommate, Mike, if he had seen Heidi but he hadn't. I was beginning to get a little worried. After I had made my morning coffee, Mike and I started to search the apartment. We looked under chairs, desks, tables, in closets, and behind furniture and boxes. Heidi got her name because she is an expert at hiding. Usually I let her hide because I know she will come out when she is ready. This time it was different I sat down and really started worrying.

I live in a third floor apartment in Brooklyn. My cats have been down the stairs a couple of times just out of curiosity. They have only been outside when they were in their cat carriers. I checked the stairs, the basement, and I even checked outside, just in case. I heard a cat cry, my heart jumped. I ran upstairs to find out that it was Angus crying because Mike was bringing him into the apartment. One lost cat is bad enough.

We have a room by the front of the apartment that is used for storage. Heidi loves to hide in there. I could not take it anymore so I pulled everything out and cleaned everything up. This took me thirty minutes. I was raking my brain trying to decide what to do next. I went outside and called for her again. Brooklyn is a busy place. A shy house cat like Heidi would never be able to survive in the streets. I was beginning to think that Heidi was lost forever.

Sadly I went back upstairs to make up some "Reward for lost cat" posters. I have a closet, where I keep my shirts and dirty laundry. I always keep the door shut and locked. Oh well, what can I lose by looking. I opened the door and looked in and way in the back, in the dark, was a ball of dark cat fur. I blinked to be sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. Surely if it was Heidi she would have crying to be rescued or at least bolted out once the door was open. A smile spread out across my face, it was my Heidi. I picked her up and gave her a cat rub as she contentedly purred away. That's my Heidi - she hardly ever complains (in cat language - meows) but she loves to show you how happy she is.

I put out some cat food and she munched like it was the finest meal she had ever had. It then occurred to me. Before I went down stairs to let Beth in, I had quickly opened the closet to put my freshly ironed shirts away. Heidi must have slipped in right as I opened the door.

Cats can be very amusing and mine are no exception. Heidi spent over sixteen hours (8pm to 4pm) in a dark closet with no food or water. Guess where one of her new favorite hiding places is. You guessed it. Her and Angus now frequently camp out in their closet. I now keep it open, how could I close it after it kept my Heidi so safe and sound.

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Thank you, Scott, for mailing Heidi's adventure to share. Click the "next" button to read another Pod member's wonderful story.

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