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if you treat your cat with respect, if you treat your cat as if he or she is an intelligent, thinking animal, capable of making decisions, your cat will respond in positive, astonishing ways.

You must present a clear picture for your cat of exactly what makes you happy. We don't have to dominate our cats with corrective techniques, we just have to go overboard on all the things our kitties do properly. Cats that feel good about themselves will behave better for you.

Learn to communicate with your cat. Listen to his or her different meows and learn to interpret their meaning. Pay attention to Kitty's body language and not only will you better understand your furry little companion, but you may be able to pick up early warning signs indicating illness.

  • When Kitty chases and grabs you ~ Gradually ease the furry Rambo out of her feet-hunting way by concentrating on those things that she is allowed to chase. Let her release chase energy at appropriate times and you'll find that she'll slowly decrease her pouncing on your ankles.

  • When kitty won't give you any peace while you're talking on the phone ~ Kitty doesn't see anyone else around. As far as Kitty is concerned, you are talking to her! Your cat legitimately thinks that your voice is meant for her ears.

  • When kitty scratches or chews ~ You can't teach a cat not to scratch or chew, but you can teach Kitty precisely what to scratch or chew. Entertain your cat, rotate those toys and make your own scratching posts.

from How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want by Warren Eckstein and Fay Eckstein

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