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~ How nice to be the gardener's cat, she troubles not for mouse or rat; but, when it's coming down in streams, she sits among the flowers and dreams. ~ Patrick R. Chalmers
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Font used is:

Viner Hand ITC

Font color is:


Background color is:


Pansy Kitty graphic is from:

Kat's Victorian Clipart Collection

Floral2 dingbat font is from:

Fonts Now!

If you prefer a tiled background, here it is:

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I dedicate this graphics set to Juicey on the occasion of her birthday. These kitties remind me of Juice Kitty and VP. You have always been such an inspiration to me, Juicey, and the certainty that together there isn't anything we can't accomplish is the source of that inspiration every day in so many ways. Thank you so very much and happy, happy birthday!
pansypussbar2.jpg (8319 bytes)
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The graphic for this notecard is from Victorian Postcards.

The tutorial for how to make the notecards is from Dizzinz Studio with credit for the tutorial going to Kalamity Kat (Angie).