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to my "homespun" PSP Activities!

I'm having so much fun with this software.

Click here to see my Grapic Bud's Gallery of Arches.
(Mine are the three on the right.)
Click here to see my Cyberpussycat Shelter Dreamouse.

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I almost had to cry when I did the photo manipulation activity. This is my precious angel, Holiday Inn outside one of his favorite windows. He's among his flowers now. God bless that sweet face.

Activity 1 by Chay.

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Ta Da! I think I'm understanding masks now. I downloaded some at a site I found searching. The mask zips are at Graphics by Honey. My whole problem was that I didn't HAVE any masks in my PSP. ~L~

Activity 13 by Destiny

activity13maskseffects.jpg (31037 bytes)

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FINally! Here's my balloons:

I now understand layers, gradiant flood fills, and noise. Thanks, Liz. I'm gonna have lots more fun with this activity!

Activity 23 by Liz Fietelberg

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Here's my dingbat lace doilies:

(I love the surprises you get with this activity. The one on the left reminds me of the bread covers you use in bread baskets. Southern belle-ish, aren't they? ~L~)

Activity 24 by Purrcat

activity24dingbatlace.jpg (26868 bytes)