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Here at Popoki's Home, Christmas is a time for the kitties. Our tree is decorated with kitty ornaments collected over the years as gifts from friends and family. The cards that we send out each year always feature kitties. Even the gift wrap we wrap our presents in has kitties on it. We'd like to share some of the joy of Christmas giving with you here by offering some linkware graphics, some sites that we have found on the Internet, and heart-felt wishes for you and yours to experience the joy of this holiday season. ~nose kisses and belly rubs~

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Feel free to steal the "Cats Love Christmas too" banner for your web pages. I will even customize this banner to coordinate with your website graphics. All I ask is that you save this banner to YOUR hard drive. Do NOT link directly from my server. Also, link the banner to my home page at

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Don't forget ~ There's still time to submit your Christmas Cat Story to the contest. I have a sampling of wonderful stories so far and have already made the custom graphic to be awarded to the winner. E-mail your story to the e-mail address below.
And the winner is: Mike's Maddie!! Congratulations! Visit Mike's Maddie's pages and read her prize-winning Christmas story here.

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smicon.gif (1783 bytes)  The Chrismas Cat ~ There is a legend, that is 100-200 years old, which says that unless you get at least one new garment to wear for Christmas you "get caught by the Christmas Cat" or "dress the Christmas Cat" as the saying goes. Read the English translation of the Nordic poem by clicking the JOY icon.
smicon.gif (1783 bytes)         Adorable, affordable customizable (8 styles, 16 different colors) cat magnets, pins, and Christmas ornaments ~ Sledding cats, matchbox cats, walnut shell baby cats, wash tub cats
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Gray kitty with Santa hat graphic from:

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Background and clipart from:

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The Art Cat Skates

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