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As Tripod's Cats Pod Poderator, I have tried to figure out ways to get Pod members more involved with Pod activities. Our Pod is a strong one, with many members from all over the world. We are all bound by our love for those furry creatures who pick us to care for and to act as their caretakers.

With thousands of Pod members, we only have a few hundred members with pages hosted by Tripod. I felt that there must be a way to encourage other members to share their love for their fur babies with all of us. Then, low and behold, I received an e-mail from a member with such an excellent idea! I could hardly wait to try it! Here is the text of Ron's e-mail, printed with his permission.

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My name is Ron. I think a nice touch would be to include comments or stories of how our cats are endearing or special to us. We all have at least one tail (tale) of what makes our cats a cherished member of our families. Ask and they may respond.

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Ok, Ron! Let's put your story online first and maybe others in the Pod will email me with their stories! Here is Ron's precious story about his special kitty.

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Dear popokilapussy (I'm guessing your parents were European?)

You most certainly may use my words on your site. Words are free, only the best are appreciated. Here it is...

My name is Ron. When I was on my own, some time ago, I felt it was time to get a pet. I have always loved cats, they have unique qualities that make them so intriguing. Anyway, when I began to look for a kitten, friends of mine mentioned that their female was going to have a litter. When the time came, I went to look over the kits. As I did, one certain kitten would climb up and go to sleep in my lap. So at the time I went to take one home, the same kitten again snoozed in my lap. It really was a case of the cat picking me. She has been my favorite lap-warmer ever since. The sweetest thing she does is when I
crash on the couch for a nap. She will lie across my chest, with her face in mine, and let out a satisfied sigh. I wrote a poem to this affect...

Do cats really love us?
I wonder that often.
Curled up in our laps,
their purring do us soften.

They only come running,
when we show up with food.
And they don't seem to listen,
unless they're in the mood.

But still we love them,
no matter what they do.
This makes a cat special,
to either me or you.


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Thank you so very much for the wonderful idea and fabulous story, Ron! What a lucky cat to have picked you for an owner! Click the "next" button for another wonderful story from a Pod member.

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