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from Barbara

We have had cats all my life.Our last cat lived 17
years. We started traveling and decided not to have any more pets. Last summer, my grand daughter
called. "GRAM ! There is this kitten that survived a pit bull. Nobody wants her. Will you take her? She is going to be put to sleep."

I said, "bring her to my house." She is black & white. Another grand daughter named her Oreo. "She
looks like a cookie, Gram."

She is sure different from any cat I ever owned.
She loves water. I had to get her a big bowl for her bath. She has another drinking bowl. She does a lot of different things.  I have a swing on my porch. She gets in it and makes it swing. She is very smart.
Thanks for letting me share about OREO.

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Thank you, Barbara. Swing on, Oreo! If you are a Tripod Cats Pod member and you would like to see your story posted here, simply send your story to Popoki and I will publish it as soon as possible. ~nose kisses and belly rubs~

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