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To the Homepage of Popoki's Littermates~Pawprints in the Heart Web Ring
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Here are the choices of graphics to save to your own hard drive.

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First...You need to know what qualifies you to join this web ring.
You must be a member of  Popoki's Litter at Lycos Clubs. You may join the litter by following the hyperlink. This web ring will give  litter mates an easy way to navigate among their sites.  Your pages need not necessarily be cat related, but NO adult content, please; and you MUST be a Popoki's Litter club member.

You must save the graphics to your own server and copy and paste the ring code to your page, it doesn't have to be on the main page but MUST be the page you list here. (It really serves you best to have the ring on your main page)!
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***Attention WebTV users!!!***

Do NOT link directly to these images. Do NOT copy and paste. If you need help learning the proper way to use images on your website, please see this page:

Help for WEBTV users

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Once you've applied, you'll be sent the code to put on your page. If you have any problems, just email Popoki; and I'll be glad to help you. (Click the HumanClick icon and leave a message, if you prefer. If I am online, you can chat with me.)


After the ring is on your page let me know by email and I will get back to you within a week.

Please notify me at Please remember to send me your LycosClubs members name, web ring ID number and URL so I can visit your page. I will come and check your html fragment and if it is correct, you will be added to the ring. Remember, filling out this form only adds you to the queue, you must first have the html fragment up and running on your page before you will be added to the ring. Sites only stay in the queue for 7 days before they are deleted, so please add the fragment within that time. If you are deleted, it doesn't mean you can't join; it only means you need to reapply.

Make sure you include the address of the page the ring is on (remember the page you put the ring on is the page everyone will come to when surfing the ring),
so you might want to put  it on your main page.

The ring should look like the one below when you're finished. Your code will not work until I've added you to the ring.

Fill out the form below to submit your site. You will be sent an email of confirmation with the HTML FRAGMENT and instructions. Make sure you save your site ID and remember your password; you will need these to edit your site information in the future.

~ Thanks for joining! ~

Here is what the webring HTML fragment should look like. Feel free to customize font color and/or table border color to match your background. Your site ID# and e-mail address will be different, of course.

littermatesthree1.jpg (8931 bytes) This Popoki's Littermates~Pawprints in the Heart site owned by Popoki.
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Submit a site to Popoki's Littermates~Pawprints in the Heart Net Ring

Site Title:
Site URL:
Site Owner:
EMail Address:
Year of Birth:
(ie: 1999)
By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.
Site Description:

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Good luck and thanks to all you Fur-Loving people for making this web ring a success!
~nose kisses and belly rubs~
Popoki LaPussy (Ring Mistress)

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